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Born in New Jersey on March 31, 2005.
April 5th, 2005
Sammy went to her pediatrician for the first time today. She's in great health.
June 23, 2005
I took Sam to her first professional baseball game today. We went to see my (and soon to be her) favorite team, the Mets, in Philadelphia, at Citizens Bank Park. We had a great time, and the Mets won!! Can't ask for more than that!
July 9, 2005
Sam went to her first party. Her cousins Briannie & Isiah celebrated their 5th and 1st birthdays, and Sammy was a guest. It was a hula party, so of course, Sammy wore her hula best
July 26, 2005
Sammy and I left on our first vacation this day. We went to Florida - all over. We spent 8 days in Miami, 4 in Palm Beach, and 10 in Orlando. We visited with cousins in Miami, two aunts and an uncle in Palm Beach, and cousins and an aunt and an uncle in Orlando. We also went to see the Marlins play at Dolphin Stadium, and the Devil Rays play at Tropicana Field. We had a great time and thank the Ruiz families in Miami, the DeJesus, Corcino & Nunez families in Palm Beach, and the DeJesus, Velasquez & Marte families in Orlando.
August 27, 2005
Samantha is growing very fast!  She's now almost at 16 pounds.  We'll be going to the doctor's on Tuesday to be sure. She's also rolling over, and giggling like a maniac. She knows who mommy is, and gets very excited when she sees me!
August 30, 2005
Sammy's will be 5 months old tomorrow!  Yay!  We went to the doctor's today, and she now weighs 16 pounds, 13 ounces, and is 26 inches long.  The doctor said we can now move to stage 2 foods, and dinners!  Let's see how Sammy likes Turkey and beans.
September 14, 2005
Sam is just eating whatever we give her.  She eats green beans, and prunes, and squash, and turkey!  Grandma Paula also made her some squash/banana concoction, and she liked that too!  (Gross.)  She's 5 1/2 months old, and attempting to crawl.  Can't leave her unattended for a second.  Last night, she didn't go to sleep till midnight, playing around and just making Mommy laugh. 
September 26, 2005
Sammy is now crawling.  It's time to pull out the play yard!  Well, maybe in a few more weeks.  By then, she'll truly be cruising.  And she has a tooth!
September 27, 2005
What I thought was one tooth, is really two!  Sammy has two teeth on her bottom gums.  I looked closely today while she was napping, and I am sure it's two.  As soon as they're clearer to see, I will snap a picture to share
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